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Carsten Groß

Carsten Groß

Head of the reader market / e-commerce, DuMont Rheinland

Carsten Groß is DuMont Rheinland's Head of Sales, Marketing and E-Commerce. Carsten studied Political and Historical Sciences (MA) and Marketing and Sales (M.Sc.). He has held various positions at Funke Mediengruppe starting 2005 before joining DuMont in 2013. After the trainee program with a focus on marketing and communication, he worked at Funke Mediengruppe in the reader service and project management. As of 2008, Gross managed the direct marketing of subscription sales for the Funke Mediengruppe NRW for almost three years. Since October 2011 he has been Head of Digital and Print Subscription Sales. He has bee appointed to the executive boards of the daily papers in the Rhineland area (Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Express and the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung) on January 2019.