Generating New Advertising Revenue

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Generating New Advertising Revenue

News media companies operating today face a complex environment in which to grow advertising revenue. The news media industry itself has undergone and continues to experience rapid changes as new digital competitors emerge both in home markets and internationally. Advertising, the mainstay for news media revenue for the last century, has evolved rapidly from a simple interrupt and encourage model to a complex calculus of creative, media and data strategies.

This workshop will examine the underlying dynamics in the news and advertising business for opportunities for modern news media – digital and traditional media – to create and capture the new markets where advertising is growing.

The workshop will focus on the elements of a successful sales strategy in this rapidly changing environment, especially product development, sales and service channels. The instructor will provide data and analysis to illustrate the change in the industry as well as emerging examples of advertising growth strategies in East Asia, North America and Europe.

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Generating New Advertising Revenue