Golden Pen of Freedom Virtual Award Ceremony and ‘Where to Now for Press Freedom?’ Online Panel Discussion

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Golden Pen of Freedom Virtual Award Ceremony and ‘Where to Now for Press Freedom?’ Online Panel Discussion

16 Sep 2020
Zaragoza - ONLINE

& Online Panel Discussion: ‘Where to Now for Press Freedom?’



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Golden Pen of Freedom Awarded to Colombian Journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima

The Golden Pen of Freedom, the annual press freedom award of the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), has been awarded to Colombian journalist, Jineth Bedoya Lima.

The award, made virtually due to current COVID-19 restrictions, recognises “Ms. Bedoya Lima’s dedication to the profession of journalism, her tireless work in promoting and protecting the rights of women, and her courage in confronting and overcoming her own personal tragedy with a level of dignity and determination that serves as inspiration to peers the world over.”“In speaking truth to power, in your pursuit of justice and drive to bring impunity to an end, you represent the very best of our profession,” said Warren Fernandez, President of the World Editors Forum, in delivering the award.

The Golden Pen of Freedom is just the latest in a string of international awards and high-level recognition for Ms. Bedoya Lima. In April, she was announced as the 2020 recipient of the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize, and in August 2019 won the Press Freedom Grand Prix from the Inter-American Press Association (SIP).In 2016, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in the defence of women’s rights as a result of her campaign against gender violence and impunity in Colombia.




  • "I was a dreamer and young reporter when they tried to silence me and I had to become the story to understand that a story in a newspaper maybe wasn't going to change the world, but it had the power to transform somebody's reality. Fighting against the impunity of my case made the word dignity my hallmark and journalism my vindication...Freedom of the press is one of the most precious rights, but above all it brings with it one of the greatest duties: not to be silenced."

    Jineth Bedoya · Winner of the Golden Pen of Freedom in 2020

    Words from her acceptance speech on September 2020

  • “It is an uphill battle. Our enemies seek to divide us. Our leaders ignore the jailings, shootings, and intimidation. Only by all of us working together can we protect our journalists, and by extension, our freedom. Jamal Khashoggi understood this. He knew he was in danger but he would not be silent. His homeland meant too much to him. He cannot be here with us. But I’m proud today to honour the late Jamal Khashoggi, a courageous man, Saudi Arabian, and journalist.”

    Jamal Khashoggi · Winner of the Golden Pen of Freedom in 2019

    Safa Al Ahmad, who accepted the award in the name of Jamal Khashoggi

  • “Journalists need courage because there is a cloud of fear hanging over them - fear is everywhere, and it is so powerful. I come from the biggest prison for journalists in the world: currently, 150 of my colleagues are behind bars in Turkey, and imprisoning one member of the press intimidates hundreds of others.”

    Can Dündar · Winner of the Golden Pen of Freedom in 2017

    Words from his acceptance speech in Durban 2017 during the World News Media Congress

  • “You don’t really know who you are until you’re forced to fight to defend it. Then every battle you win – or lose ... every compromise you choose to make … or to walk away from … all these struggles define the values you live by and, ultimately, who you are. We at Rappler decided that when we look back at this moment a decade from now, we will have done everything we could: we did not duck, we did not hide...To the men and women of Rappler, this is your courage. You inspire me, but this award goes beyond Rappler... It’s for all Filipino journalists … for the men and women in government … ALL the Filipinos who continue to fight for our values."

    Maria Ressa · Winner of the Golden Pen of Freedom in 2018

    Words from her acceptance speech in Cascais 2018 during the World News Media Congress


Relive the Golden Pen Virtual Award Ceremony 2020

Golden Pen of Freedom Virtual Award Ceremony and ‘Where to Now for Press Freedom?’ Online Panel Discussion