Newsprint handling and waste control

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Newsprint handling and waste control

Newsprint is handled anywhere between 10-20 times in its transportation from the paper mill until the production floor. That is sufficient to understand the importance of paper roll handling to achieve better performance in the production. Therefore, any damage or improper handling at any part of newsprint handling breaks the whole chain and affects the performance. Since newsprint is a delicate material, there is no way we can repair or any recovery is possible at any stage.

Moreoever, new government rules and tax imposition on imported newsprints makes the situation even harder for the newspublisher. Besides all these, cost optimisation is another challenge and burden increases year-on-year. In majority, the solution lies in establishing a standardised practice in newspaper handling and implementing a proper waste control mechanism.

This workshop aims to discuss the best practices in newsprint handling on day one and best practices in waste control on day two. Contents of this workshop certainly will help you put best practices in place which will bring a lot of benefits and economic value in your operation.


Newsprint handling and waste control