Newsroom & Business Transformation Asia 2020

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Newsroom & Business Transformation Asia 2020

02 Jun 2020
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The digital transformation of newsrooms has entered a new phase: Reader Centric. As news audiences move online, and revenue sources of news organisations get disrupted, companies need to accelerate their transformation. Newsrooms need to be at the forefront of changes.

In this new world, newsroom leaders must understand the roots of disruption and ways to transform their news organisations. They need to develop new editorial visions, find ways to engage their current and new audiences, and re-organise their newsrooms to deliver on new strategies.

Amid a Covid-19 pandemic that has crippled global economies and is threatening the future of the media industry, 10 news media companies from six Asian cities are embarking on this inaugural WAN-IFRA programme led by well-known media researchers and trainers, Grzegorz Piechota and George Brock.

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This ambitious programme, which is made possible by the Facebook Journalism Project, was originally designed to begin in March 2020 and take place in four cities over six months. However due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the programme will be conducted virtually.


  • “Our goal is to help Asian media companies become agile and responsive to the changing consumer needs in the digital age. With the close guidance and mentorship from experts, the programme will accelerate the transformation process and equip the media companies with the skills needed to navigate the increasingly complex media landscape.”

    Thomas Jacob, COO


  • “We recognise that news organisations are under pressure to transform and build thriving digital publishing businesses and this is even more complex with the additional challenges during Covid-19. We hope that through our partnership with WAN-IFRA, the Newsroom and Business Transformation Asia 2020 program will assist newsroom leaders with business transformation while continuing to produce important, meaningful journalism that serves and informs our region.”

    Anjali Kapoor, Director of News Partnerships

    Facebook Asia Pacific


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Newsroom & Business Transformation Asia 2020