Quality journalism in pandemic times

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Quality journalism in pandemic times

15 Dec 2020 to 16 Dec 2020

Techniques of investigative journalism and non-fiction writing

The entire world has been plunged into an inconceivable ordeal. A global pandemic has led to an unprecedented collective psychosis. The fear caused by uncertainty about the present and the future amplifies the turmoil.  In the meantime, we will have to overcome the epidemic of panic crossing doors and borders at an incredible speed. Overcoming this deep fear will require an unprecedented collective effort in which the role of news organisations and journalists will be essential. Only by providing information that is useful, truthful, complete, fast, accurate and committed to citizens will we succeed in curbing the panic of social contact.

Without a doubt, quality journalism is the best antidote to crime and corruption. Newsrooms at the heart of trusted media organisations are the error correction of manipulation vested by groups of interest that undermine the balance of institutions and society. 

This workshop will focus on the new opportunities available for investigative journalism and non-fiction writing. The session will comprise of discussions on techniques of investigating organised crime and corruption.  

Quality journalism in pandemic times

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