Tutorial on International Color Quality Club 2020-22

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Tutorial on International Color Quality Club 2020-22

The International Color Quality Club (ICQC) has gained a high profile international reputation and is the quality benchmark for the international newspaper printing industry. Participation for membership in the Color Quality Club is in principle open to all newspapers, independent of the production processes or types of paper that are used. Five different categories have been defined for the competition:

Category 1 Cold-set offset on newsprint
Category 2 Heat-set offset or UV-curing offset on newsprint (Semi-commercial)
Category 3 Heat-set offset or UV-curing offset on SC or LWC paper (Semi-commercial)
Category 4 Extra category for printing under non-standard conditions, like e.g. on tinted or dark paper or using processes other than offset (like flexography or digital printing) or printers that work under non-standardised conditions.
Category 5 Magazines, printed in sheet-fed offset, heat-set offset, gravure or digital inkjet
(Weekly, fortnightly and monthly magazines to be registered under this Category)

This tutorial explains the competition rules and regulations, point system, process standard parameters given in the ISO 12647-3:2013 and how to achieve those values, maintain consistency in printing, how General Print Quality (GPQ) of a newspaper is analysed, etc., Please see the programme tab for more information.

Winning a Colour Quality Club membership has several benefits. It can motivate your employees by setting clear measurable targets and improve the quality awareness of your workforce. It is also a platform to demonstrate your conformance with proven worldwide standards. The Color Quality Club Membership can also be used to promote your print plant on the market.

Tutorial on International Color Quality Club 2020-22