Workshop on Creating Long Form Stories

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Workshop on Creating Long Form Stories

In these days when the tendency is to write off news publishing in the printed form in favour of breaking news and the instant gratification electronic platforms give, it is only fair to ask if it is realistic to do exhaustive stories with adequate back grounding.

Media marketing gurus may say consumers have no time for such slow-reads and the way for print publications to grow by producing more and faster and in less space, and let commercially beneficial content to get primacy.

That assertion stems from the pressures of economics, and is not really a reflection of the disinterest in or lack of demand for quality journalism that is in keeping with all the right principles and ethics.

Given the new realisation in digital news business that reader engagement matters more than traffic, It is safe to assume the demand for long read journalism will only grow.

This two-day workshop conceptualised in that context, will address the challenge: Create smart and deliver smart.

Note: This programme can also be offered in-house workshop.

Target group:

Sub-editors and reporters of print and digital media, especially special features and opinion page writers and editors.

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Workshop on Creating Long Form Stories