Digital Content Monetisation

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Digital Content Monetisation

16 Aug 2017 to 17 Aug 2017

It is now a strong global trend that digital competes closely with print-media. This is injecting a sense of instability and insecurity in the minds of journalists, ad sales as well as media management professionals alike. In a digitally driven world, the need of the hour is embrace convergence and mitigate risk. This can only be done if media management realize how important it is to make digital a part of their product offering seamlessly and use it effectively to add value to the end-user as well as the advertiser.

This workshop will help participants to build content & data strategy which will maximise their revenue, understanding the imperative of diversifying revenue streams, ad networks, google ad sense, maximising revenue through programmatic advertising and real time bidding platforms, video and pod casting and so on.

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  • 1

    Growing Audience Revenue

  • 2

    Audience Development Strategy

  • 3

    Increasing Digital Advertising Revenues

  • 4

    Diversifying Revenue Streams

Digital Content Monetisation