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Digital Content Monetisation

16 Aug 2017 to 17 Aug 2017

Programme | Digital Content Monetisation


Growing audience revenues

 •          Print and digital subscriptions

 From experiments three or four years ago to a core revenue stream, a mix of digital and print subscriptions has become one of the major strategies driving revenue growth. Subscriptions services have become much more sophisticated in terms of attracting and retaining subscribers.

 •          Digital paid content models

 One of the major changes in the past few years has been the rise of much more sophisticated digital paid content strategies. We will look at the latest in data driven attraction and retention strategies that are helping major media companies generate substantial reader revenue from their digital audiences. In south Asia, this can also include special content pitched at vernacular audiences.

 Audience development strategy

 •          Building a data strategy

The most successful media companies are learning how to use their audience and market data to set priorities and develop profitable products. We will look at strategies that will growth your audience, increase audience loyalty and growth your profits in this multi-platform age.

•          Target specific audiences: Special sections and pop-up newspapers

They have to make significant money, and you’ve got to be nimble enough to know when to move on, but special sections, including “pop-up papers”, can still deliver significant revenue. This can also include special content for vernacular audiences.

•          Newsletters

These have become a pillar of a new line of “direct to consumer” products that are increasing audience loyalty and offering advertisers a new way to reach specific audiences, such as vernacular language and expat audiences.

•          Syndication

With the glut of content these days, creating a winning syndication is about creating unique, premium content.

Increasing digital advertising revenues

•          Remnant digital advertising: Ad networks

From Google AdSense to specialised ad networks to monetise niche verticals, we will look at the most efficient way to monetise all of your digital content and how to get the most out of remnant advertising.

•          Performance based digital advertising

Some niche publications are building lucrative businesses from pay per click, cost per lead and cost per transaction based advertising. For some of your niche content, this could prove to be another important revenue stream.

•          Programmatic advertising and RTB

Digital advertising is rapidly shifting to programmatic advertising where advertisers are buying specific audiences. Some publishers have been concerned about downward pressure on CPMs, but with good data, other publishers are finding opportunities for higher revenues.

•          Video and podcasting

Advertisers are paying premiums to reach audio and video hungry audiences, and we’ll look at both the content and advertising strategies for multimedia content.

Diversifying revenue streams

•          The imperative of diversifying your revenue streams -

In the past, media companies have relied on a mix of audience revenue and advertising, and it has been incredibly lucrative. But in the age of digital, that mix is shifting, and publishers are rushing to add additional options. We’ll set the stage for the workshop by looking at various diversification strategies.

•          Affiliate revenue strategies

This has been a breakout opportunity for niches including personal finance and product review sites. It drove a recent New York Times acquisition, which was responsible for some of its latest digital growth.

•          Events

Awards, industry and lifestyle events are being used very effectively to attract premium sponsors and generate significant revenue. But like special sections, they need to be guaranteed high value sponsors up front to drive sufficient revenue to make them profitable.

•          Digital marketing services and agencies

Publishers are increasingly getting into the marketing and advertising services business in the age of digital, and some of the largest publishers have set up their own agencies to drive premium digital advertising services with high returns.

•          E-commerce

Whether launching a service of your own or partnering with an existing e-commerce service, setting up your digital storefront can provide additional revenue and also a rich stream of first party data that will supercharge your business

•         O to O - offline to online

This strategy is driving success in eastern Asia where print and outdoor media is driving people to content and commerce.

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Digital Content Monetisation