Digital Media LATAM 2020

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The first-ever online version of Digital Media LATAM!

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The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered and disrupted our lives. As a society, and as the newspaper industry, in particular, we are experiencing radical, high-speed transformation. A new model and change of paradigm, still-unnamed, are emerging.

In a short time, we have had to face the challenges of remote working, a dramatic downfall in ad spending, layoffs, a timid return of trust in legacy media, and the needs-driven evolution of reader revenue models.

This is not the first crisis our industry has faced nor will be the last. The birth of the Internet, growth in computing power, and the exponential inclusion of digital in our daily lives has sometimes outpaced our ability to reframe our ethical and legal approach to digital decision making. These issues have revealed an extraordinary resilience of the media and confirmed its ability to continue fulfilling its essential role in open societies.

Scientists warned that the pandemic is a marathon, not a sprint and that there may be future crises ahead. So, 2021 may yield further surprises. Prepare your company for possible uncertainty, and also related opportunities and growth, by joining the first-ever virtual edition of Digital Media LATAM.

Confirmed speakers



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    Pivoting to product


  • 2

    Cultural change in media companies


  • 3

    Reader revenue

  • 4

    Quality journalism in the post-truth Era


  • 5

    Innovative storytelling


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    Content distribution and platforms




  • "If you want to stay connected to the latest media trends, you have to go to the DML conference. I don't mean empty buzz words, but surprising and unexpected insights. That's where the real conversations of how to navigate our industry happen."

    Alba Mora Roca, executive producer at AJ+ Español

  • “This is such a fantastic event. It is inspiring to see people from all around the world come together, all united towards one common mission that we all have which is informing the world. Being in the world of media and journalism, I believe it is important to elevate the good work that is happening out there. So being surrounded by the people who are doing that good work is so energizing and it’s so exciting to be part of that.”

    Dheerja Kaur, chief product officer at TheSkimm

  • “The experience was truly unmissable. Being with such prestigious colleagues from all over the world gives you the opportunity to pump the breaks, think about your strategy and think of what we you're doing well and what needs to be improved. I have many enriching experiences and, above all, ideas to implement and continue growing. ”

    José Del Rio editor-in-chief at LA NACIÓN

  • "DML is the best event to discuss the content, technology and talents that the digital media ecosystem and industry demands."

    Andrea Miranda, editor-in-chief at El Debate


Why should you attend Digital Media LATAM?

  • The smartest investment to get up-to-date in the industry's latest media trends
  • The latest and most successful digital monetization strategies
  • The world's best speakers brought to LATAM
  • A concise, carefully-tailored, rich and relevant program
  • A perfect mix of business, editorial and technology topics



2020 LATAM Digital Media Awards

The most prestigious competition in Latin America's industry!

Discover this year's finalists

Winners will be announced during the #DML20 conference online.

Winners will automatically compete at WAN-IFRA's 2021 World Digital Media Awards!