Gauging consumer trust in ads – pre- and post-Corona

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Gauging consumer trust in ads – pre- and post-Corona

Tuesday, 19 May

15:00 CET

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Last year WAN-IFRA, in partnership with data and market research specialist Syno International, launched the Global Ad Trust Survey and Report.

The survey included 40,000 consumers across 40 countries, the largest advertising markets. Globally, the results revealed that newspapers are indeed one of the most trusted mediums where advertising resides, and where trust in news is also strong.

That was pre-Corona. WAN-IFRA and Syno will launch the global survey for 2020 later this month, combined with questions regarding how the Coronavirus crisis has impacted consumers' views on not only advertising trust, but also trust in news.

Dean Roper, Director of Insights at WAN-IFRA, will lead a discussion with Lauri Löfveblad, Head of Strategy & Products at Syno International, and Serdar OK, Head of Analytics for Bonnier News Sales.


  • Director of Insights & Editor-in-Chief, WAN-IFRA, Germany
  • Head of Business Analytics, Bonnier News Sales, Sweden
  • Head of Strategy and Products, Syno International, Sweden

Gauging consumer trust in ads – pre- and post-Corona