GNI Future Leaders: A Back-to-Work Program for Parents & Primary Caregivers

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GNI Future Leaders: A Back-to-Work Program for Parents & Primary Caregivers

You're invited to our June 9 webinar - Building Organizational Resilience and the Confidence to Lead

Returning to the workplace after a career break or an extended period of leave can be very intimidating. For many new parents and primary caregivers with aged parents or ill family members to look after, hiring live-in or full-time domestic help is not an option, so many take time off from their jobs, often after several prime years into their careers. When it is time to return to the workforce, they find that their industry and their workplace have changed so much that they feel left behind, out of touch and with skill sets which may not be entirely relevant any more.

In fast-moving news media organizations, going back to work is even more difficult, due to leaps in technology development, the slew of new digital tools and rapid changes in workflow and operations brought about, in part, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the first time, WAN-IFRA is offering this groundbreaking program to those who have taken an extended career break and now wish to return to the news industry.

In short, this 3-month program aims to build future-fit newsroom leaders, whether or not they opt to take up management positions.

Deadline extended - applications close on Sunday 18 April 2021, 2359h SIN/HK



Program Description

Participants will undergo a specially-designed program which will support their efforts to reintegrate into the workplace with heightened media skills, strengthened soft skills and an enhanced understanding of their own career.

It will include leadership and career development coupled with industry updates to get up to speed on the latest trends and personal coaching to help participants craft a career development plan aligned to a changing news environment. This plan has a specific focus on building resilience in a time of change so that participants are comfortable in digital work and open to embracing technological changes.


Who should apply?

The program is targeted at media professionals from any part of the organization - newsroom, sales, circulation, administration, etc. - across Asia, and in Northeast Asia in particular, who are returning to work after a mid-career gap to prepare them for the transition back into a transformed workplace and the expectations which will be placed on them.


Selection Criteria

Applicants should be based in the APAC region and have at least 3 years of working experience in the media industry before taking a career break of at least 9 months due to childcare, eldercare or personal incapacity. Multiple shorter breaks totaling 9 months or more do not qualify, neither does switching to work in a different industry by choice.

While most of the lecture components of the training sessions will be recorded, and subtitled in Traditional Chinese, a working command of spoken and written English is preferable in order for participants to communicate spontaneously and efficiently with the trainers and fellow participants. Subject to sufficient demand, live simultaneous translation in Mandarin can be provided.

Successful applicants who are active caregivers will receive a childcare/eldercare stipend to defray the cost of arranging for temporary day care while attending the program. Such applicants will be required to commit to and complete a minimum of 5 training sessions in order to receive the stipend. The disbursement of the stipend will be made after the program ends in June 2021.



This complimentary online training program comprises 5 training webinars, complimentary admission to the Asian Media Leaders eSummit and two personal career coaching sessions. Each training webinar is 2 hours long, while each one-on-one coaching session will last an hour.  

The three-month long program will comprise:

  • 5 online training sessions (2 hours each)

  • 3 days at the virtual Asian Media Leadership eSummit (April 7-9)

  • 2 personal coaching sessions per participant (1 hour each)



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GNI Future Leaders: A Back-to-Work Program for Parents & Primary Caregivers