Harnessing Social Media for News Publishers

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Harnessing Social Media for News Publishers

05 Oct 2017 to 06 Oct 2017
Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

The rise of social media platforms over the past decade has helped transform journalism into a more collaborative and audience-engaged practice. These platforms have also delivered new global audiences for our content. Increasingly, news publishers globally rely on social media for content distribution via peer-to-peer networks. And keeping up with the algorithms is a constant struggle. As is ensuring our content rises above “fake news” and other paid content. But our relationships with these companies are often characterised as ‘frenemy-like’ in style. Increasingly we need them more than they need us. They are the new content distribution gatekeepers. 

So, how do we maximise the impact of our stories and mastheads via social media? Which platforms should we focus on? Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. WhatsApp. Which ones (if any) can we afford to ignore? When should we decide to experiment with a new platform? And how should our social strategies differ from platform to platform, and across stories? 

Audience development and engagement are now critical measures of our success as news publishers but what are the ‘rules of engagement’ for journalists and editors? What does best practice look like when interacting on social platforms with audiences? And what do we do about the risks and pitfalls which can’t be ignored? 

This two day course will deepen your knowledge and skills as social media content producers and story distribution strategists. It will focus on building core competencies, extending capacity for enterprising and creative approaches to social media production, and ensuring the risks and pitfalls of journalists’ engagement with these platforms can be navigated.

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Harnessing Social Media for News Publishers