Programme | LATAM Newsroom & Business Transformation 2021

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LATAM Newsroom & Business Transformation 2021

02 Sep 2021 to 16 Dec 2021

Programme | LATAM Newsroom & Business Transformation 2021


The LATAM Newroom & Business Transformation Program 2021 is a tailored accelerator program for key executives in the LATAM news publishing industry who are committed to launch their first paid-content product or activity soon. Participants will learn how to survive in and take opportunity of the ‘new normal’ of paid content and Covid-struck economies.

During the second half of the program, participants will design and prepare transformative projects for their own companies, which will be co-funded by Facebook. This coaching is aimed at the top layer of the company and newsroom leadership.

Program Content: 

  • communicative framework for sceptical stakeholders of the publisher
  • reduced-risk setting for editorial and business management and for publishers
  • navigation guide for setting the right priorities / removal of complexity for responsible managers
  • Information, motivation and network to empower the participants who have been selected by the publishers to act as change agents for the paid content transformation
  • up-to-date knowledge and insight into how the world’s leading newsrooms transform into the 21st century



Program Curriculum 

Strategy  & Culture 

Understand the disruption waves and transformation patterns of the news media. Plan and lead a change management program that includes initiatives that support building an innovation culture within cross-functional teams.

Journalism & Business

Develop editorial vision for the news organization and its departments. Audit the current content’s performance and plan a new content portfolio that will address requirements and needs of different revenue streams such as digital advertising and subscriptions.


Define target audiences for their content. Plan digital audience development that includes acquisition, activation, engagement and retention. Ideate and build new editorial products and services in collaboration with Product/ Technology, Marketing, Research and Data, Sales teams.


Define new skills and capabilities needed to deliver on an editorial and business strategy. Plan new workflows and KPIs to meet the strategic objectives. Plan how to adjust resources in the newsroom to execute on a new strategy


Program Duration:

This is a fully-funded five-month online executive program, running from September-December 2021.   

The program comprises:

  • 6 training webinars (2 hours each)
  • 6 coaching sessions (on an individual basis or with participant’s team) (1 hour each)


LATAM Newsroom & Business Transformation 2021