New Content Formats for Millennials

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New Content Formats for Millennials



5-6 JULY 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia

While the printed newspaper’s audience is aging and shrinking, news publishers are reaching today more readers and users than ever before on digital platforms.

Providing a digital-first experience that connects with and engages a young audience nevertheless remains a challenge for legacy news media. Reaching out to millennials implies to move beyond the online article to develop a range of native formats – from pictures or short videos to quizzes, lists, live blogs or interactive graphics - that are mainly designed for consuming and sharing in social networks and other offsite platforms.

The New Content Formats for Millennials Summit will offer in-depth sessions leaded by recognized media professionals that will present the latest trends for reaching the young with exciting new ways to package news content. It will include several demos, with hands-on exercises, of free online tools for creating interactive storytelling.

The event will also showcase how print products can be used in an innovative way to retain traditional readers and capture new audiences.




  • 1

    When Virtual Reality Becomes a Reality

  • 2

    Interactive graphics and Data Visualisation

  • 3

    Chat apps, bots & social media

New Content Formats for Millennials