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Nordic Study Tour : Meet the secret pioneers of the news industry! 

Oslo and Stockholm
31 October - 1 November 2018


This event is sold out! To register your interest for upcoming Study Tours, please email Nicole Frankenhauser 



Good journalism wins back paying subscribers. See for yourself how they did it!

13 of the 23 awards at the 2018 European Digital Media Awards went to Norwegian and Swedish media. It's no coincidence. Some of the world’s best digital journalism is happening in the Nordics and their newspapers are growing revenue, even at a local level.
They are succeeding by putting powerful journalism and the audience at the front and centre of their strategy, and their evolving "publishing blueprint" is the envy of publishers worldwide.
Get first hand insights from their experimental journey to try out in your newsroom!

  • Everyone in the news process is listening to their audience. They have the skills and tools to transform what they hear into editorial tactics.
  • They have overhauled the organization of their editorial teams and processes - adding useful communication tools that enable them to analyse and react to important data. This leaves more room for creativity and innovation, while building on the brand's objectives (and of course this translates to reader revenue).
  • As true multi-media players, they use the best stream to connect with users - optimising the customer experience.

Join us on 31 October & 1 November, in Oslo and Stockholm, for a study tour to the newsrooms of Scandinavian publishers. We plan to visit Amedia, Schibsted’s Verdens Gang (VG) and Aftenposten, and Bonnier's ExpressenDagens Nyheter and MittMedia. Dive deep into their strategy, meet those driving their businesses and get to grips with the dynamic data-driven mindset. Keep an eye on our website for confirmation of visits.


This study tour is part of The Newsroom Summit family of events.
The next edition of Newsroom Summit will take place on 29 Oct 2018 to 30 Oct 2018, Oslo, Norway

Nordic Study Tour