Digital Advertising - Tech platform, Mobile formats

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Digital Advertising - Tech platform, Mobile formats

Digital marketing and advertising evolve rapidly as technologies are ever-changing. Many publishers tend to fall behind as they fail to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. Advertising trends and technology changes wait for no man and only those with foresight will emerge successfully.

 Behind the advertising team, there’s the backbone that manages the technical side of advertising - operations. They are the ones that need to be proficient with technology and data tools such as data management, yield optimization as well as performance measurement vendors. Without a well-versed operations team, many essentials in advertising campaign wouldn’t be able to operate such as measuring viewability and invalid traffic.

 In this workshop, we will discuss the biggest and latest advertising trends for publisher emerging such as Programmatic Advertising, Native Content, Mobile Advertising, Google Updates, Social Media Advertising and Virtual Reality. 

Practical sessions for Chatbox, Native Content Ad and Social Media Ad will be conducted during the workshop.

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Digital Advertising - Tech platform, Mobile formats