Digital Subscriptions Summit

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Digital Subscriptions Summit

10 Jul 2018 to 11 Jul 2018
Kuala Lumpur

The news publishing business model has been radically disrupted: While news media companies used to make the bulk of their revenues from advertising, circulation is now taking up the lead. Implementing a Digital Subscription Strategy has now become a central element in any publisher's digital strategy.

Charging for online content however doesn’t mean to simply erect a pay-wall around one's existing content and expect readers to start paying for what they used to get for free! It actually implies to gain an in-depth knowledge of readers and content performance on digital platforms through the implementation of a relevant data strategy. It is also important to note that many different options are available depending on your content, market, audience and culture.

The Digital Subscription Summit will present case studies and insights from leading media expert and news publishing companies from Europe and Asia. It will focus on:

  • Choosing the right pay wall in your market
  • Reinventing the customer journey
  • Best practices for implementing a pay wall
  • Optimizing subscriptions management
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Digital Subscriptions Summit