Editorial Analytics for NEW Media

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Editorial Analytics for NEW Media

 Analytics are one of the most powerful tools journalists, editors and publishers have to understand their audience – and thus optimize their business. They provide a clear signal of when you’re doing things that the reader loves – and when you’re not. No magazine brand can afford to ignore this kind of deep insights into what our readers really care about. 

This course is all about understanding the readers or users – whatever the audience segment your magazine serves. We will dig deep into using analytics as a decision-making and planning tool, rather than just as a crude measure of success and failure. 

This two-day course is designed to give writers and editors confidence in handling and using analytics in their day-to-day work, as well as to give them hands-on experience with metrics. It will teach participants how to use metrics to test ideas and stories, and improve their approach to content on the basis of real data gathered from their publication’s. And we will even look at ways in which web analytics can help participants produce a better print magazine.

Participants will come away with a tailored plan and agile experimentation for applying analytics to their work.

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Editorial Analytics for NEW Media