Local Digital Subscription Summit

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Local Digital Subscription Summit

14 Nov 2018


The unique subscription challenges facing small and medium sized publishers - from marketing to editorial 


 14 Nov 2018 - FAZ, Frankfurt, Germany



Join our experts in Frankfurt for a full day on building a solid base of digital subscribers


For many years, local publishers have felt protected by their core mission: covering local news. It may be great content, but that’s not necessarily going to be enough to grow reader revenue and digital subscriptions.

Local publishers have to listen harder to what it is that their customers value and how to provide more of it. As with everything in the digital subscription economy, it’s about analysing and acting on your customer data.

And it’s also a joint project with the newsroom and the rest of the organization working together on the competition for people’s attention and money, which places at the heart of the editorial work an (healthy) obsession: What does a subscription to my local paper really do for me?



Local Digital Subscription Summit

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