The Newsroom Summit 2020

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The Newsroom Summit 2020

20 Oct 2020 to 21 Oct 2020

 Editorial strategies for engaging, high-performing, premium content

20 / 21 October 2020

This is the year of collaboration and joint learnings as all publishers tackle the same challenge. After discussion with our advisory panel, the 2020 Newsroom Summit will devote a day to inspiration and discussion of these major topics.


TOPIC: Remote leadership / organising the remote newsroom

How to lead and manage a remote team - keeping the culture, hiring and onboarding new colleagues, scheduling serendipity, learnings from long term remote workers. And how does the production process change? Do we even need a physical newsroom?


TOPIC: Ways to add value for your audiences

More creative, innovative visual coverage that wins and retains new subscribers. Cleverer recommendations with automated metadata. How less can be more while beating the one topic corona focus.

We're keen to replicate as far as possible the networking opportunities of an in-person conference, and so we will have breakout sessions on

A) Your learnings after 6 months running remote newsrooms
B) Ideas on how to add value to premium content
C) The future of the newsroom in 2021 and beyond

As well as networking breakouts and open Q&As.




The Newsroom Summit 2020


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